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Heat Pumps

Replacing your furnace? Ready to say goodbye to gas? We’ll help you get the right heat pump for your home.

At Energy Neighbour, we’re homeowners just like you. And we know firsthand how confusing it can be to find the right heat pump for your home and the trusted expert to install it. 

Energy Neighbour gives you the one-on-one guidance and contractor referrals you need to make your heat pump installation much easier. 

We know the steps involved in the process, the technology you’ll need, and the expert contractors you can trust to do the work right and at a fair price. Plus, we can connect you with a homeowner in your neighbourhood who has done a similar project with us and can share their experience. 

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Reduce your energy costs.

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Scale back your climate footprint.

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Improve your home’s comfort and safety.

Here’s how we’ll help you go electric and switch from a gas furnace to a heat pump. 

Step 1: Assess your needs

We’ll meet with you one-on-one to determine what heat pump options make sense for you and your home. We’ll answer your questions and discuss the options for electrifying other gas appliances you may have, including your water heater, stove and/or dryer.  

We can also connect you with a homeowner who has installed a heat pump or other clean energy projects with us to share their experience with you. 

Step 2: Review costs, audits, rebates and loan programs

We’ll discuss the typical costs of your heat pump or other electric appliance options. We’ll review the rebates and loan options available to you. We’ll also go over the application process, timelines and requirements. And we’ll walk through the simple payback and return on investment you can expect for your project.

Step 3: Connecting with qualified contractors

We’ll connect you with an experienced, qualified, and carefully vetted contractor from our referral list. 

They will answer all of your technical questions, confirm the correct heat pump sizing and determine if your current circuit panel is sufficient for the project or if additional electrical work needs to be done. 

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Step 4: Install and Implement 

Installing a heat pump typically takes two days because switching fuel from gas to electric adds complexity. 

If you’re completing your project during cold weather, space heaters will be provided. Our installers aren’t just experienced — they’re also polite, considerate and tidy! 

Step 5: Turn up the heat (and cooling!)

With your new heat pump installed, you can start enjoying cleaner and safer heating, lower energy bills, and reduced emissions. 

If this is your final gas appliance, you can contact your natural gas supplier and cut the line — for good!

Lastly, we can guide you through the details of submitting your invoices if you’ve applied for rebates or loans.  

Clean Energy Retrofits can be complicated — Energy Neighbour is here to make it easier.

From start to finish, you’ll have access to our experts seven days a week to answer your questions, help you manage the details, and keep your project on track.


Do heat pumps require a gas furnace backup?

No, they don’t. The new cold climate heat pumps operate to -20°C and some to -30°C, making a gas furnace backup unnecessary. ProTip: Many homeowners opt to include an electric resistance backup coil for the few days of very cold weather each winter.   

Do heat pumps cost more to operate than a gas furnace?

No, they don’t. Compared with the current gas and electric rates in Toronto, a heat pump costs less to operate than a gas furnace for heating and cooling.  

How much do heat pumps cost?

Heat pumps cost between $8,500 and $25,000+, depending on what kind you choose for your home. We know that’s not cheap — but heat pumps have a lower operating cost and life cycle cost than a gas furnace because of their high efficiency. 

Can I use a different contractor than the one Energy Neighbour recommends?

Of course! There are no added costs to working with our recommended contractors, and you’re never obligated to use them; it’s a service we offer to save you time researching qualified contractors.

We’ve found that many well-respected HVAC companies do not have adequate heat pump experience, will not properly size the heat pump and may recommend you keep an unnecessary furnace backup. So, we’re happy to give you a good referral. 

Whichever option you choose, we advise you to find an experienced contractor who will give you high-quality service for a fair price. 

Learn about how we vet contractors.

Can you help me get financing to pay for the project?

Absolutely! We can help you understand all of the financing options that are available to you. We’ll discuss the details of each option, like their requirements, timelines, and rates. And we’ll walk through your project’s simple payback and return on investment investment with each option. 

Will a heat pump keep my home warm enough in winter?

The latest cold climate heat pumps on the market will keep homes warm inside when it’s up to -30°C. That’s well below the coldest winter temperatures across most of Canada. As part of your retrofit, we will also discuss options for reducing your home’s heat loss by improving the leak sealing and insulation.

Is Energy Neighbour a not-for-profit? What is its business model?

Energy Neighbour is a Sustainable Enterprise, meaning our business model balances economic growth with social and environmental well-being. We advocate for our homeowner clients from start to finish. We’re able to do that through the fee structure with our vetted installers. They pay us a referral fee but are also contractually bound to provide our clients with the best prices. This fee structure allows us to be less affected than a not-for-profit by the fluctuations of government programs and grants, meaning we can consistently provide our clients with a high level of personalized service. 

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