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Trade Partners

Trusted, vetted contractors

Supplying homeowners with referrals for high-quality service and installation is an integral part of how Energy Neighbour makes clean energy projects easier. 

Our homeowners appreciate that they get excellent value, save time and avoid risk by getting a referral to an experienced and knowledgeable contractor. 

We carefully vet every contractor we recommend to ensure they have the required experience and track record to deliver excellent installations and superior customer service.

Here are the criteria that all our contractors have to meet.  

icon with a wrench and a house

A minimum of 10 years of installation experience 

icon of a heat pump

Heat pump installers must have considerable experience with each type of heat pump

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Must provide reference checks

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Must be experienced in all types of housing in their area of operation

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Must use parts and components with industry standard (or better) warranties 

icon of solar panels on a house

Generally do work with in-house staff and not sub-contractors

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Must maintain project checklists to ensure due diligence

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Must maintain strong relationships with suppliers to ensure access to parts and services

*These criteria came directly from homeowners in our neighbourhood pilot project.

Interested in becoming an Energy Neighbour trade partner?

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