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Energy Neighbour is here to help

Energy Neighbour gives you the one-on-one expert guidance and qualified contractor referrals you need to make installing solar panels, heat pumps, and other clean energy retrofits easier.

Two rooftops, one of which has solar panels.

Solar Panels

Power your home with solar energy! 

Solar panels empower you to generate your own electricity and cut your home’s hydro bills. 

  • Guard against rising electricity costs
  • Get your home closer to net zero

We know firsthand how complicated a solar project can be. The most common question is ‘where am I in the process?’ We’ll provide guidance and support throughout your project to make the process much easier. 

Heat Pumps

Replacing your furnace? Ready to say goodbye to gas? We’ll help you get the right heat pump for your home so you can heat and cool with more efficiency and less cost. 

  • Reduce your energy costs
  • Scale back your climate footprint
  • Improve your home’s comfort and safety 

Even if you have a newer gas furnace, adding a hybrid heat pump will give you clean energy benefits by providing most of the heating and all of the cooling. 

With our support you’ll get the right heat pump for your home and a high quality installation by our trusted contractors.

Looking for Something Else?

Want to cut your hydro bill? Or use clean power in your home to fight climate change? 

Want to know about electrifying your hot water, stove or dryer?  

Need to understand options for leak sealing and insulating? 

Our experts can help!

We’re here to help

Energy Neighbour offers you our best service with every project.

Retrofit navigation

We provide one-on-one guidance to navigate your clean energy project and help you solve problems along the way. 

From start to finish, you’ll have access to our experts to answer your questions, help you manage the details (like options, technology and costs), and keep your project on track. 

Contractor vetting and referral —at fair prices

We vet contractors, so you don’t have to. Our list of trusted contractors all have the required experience, skills and references to give you confidence in their work — and as an Energy Neighbour homeowner, they’ll also guarantee you their best prices.

Click to learn about how we vet contractors.

Guidance through paperwork and applications

Complicated forms and requirements can make inspections, grants, and loan applications a real pain. That’s why we provide you with expert guidance to know where you are in the process and what steps are next. 

Clean energy expertise

Want to know which heat pump is right for you? Or the value of solar panels for your home? Which government rebates and loans are available for your clean energy project? 

We have gathered a network of experts to review all the options with you and answer your questions. 

Make your clean energy project easier today!