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Solar Panels

Power your home with clean energy

At Energy Neighbour, we’re homeowners just like you. And we know firsthand how complicated a solar project can be. 

Energy Neighbour gives you the one-on-one guidance and contractor referrals needed to make your solar panel installation much easier. We know the steps involved in the process, the technology you’ll need, and the expert contractors you can trust to do the work right at a fair price. Plus, we can connect you with a homeowner who has done a similar project with us and can share their experience. 

Learn more about how we help homeowners! 

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Cut your home’s hydro bills

icon of solar panels on a house

Guard against rising electricity costs

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Offset increased electricity used by heat pumps and EVs

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Reduce carbon emissions and achieve or get closer to net zero

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Increase the value of your home

Here’s how we can help you get solar power for your home: 

Step 1: Assess your needs 

Connect with us, and we’ll schedule a one-on-one meeting to discuss solar as an option for your home.

ProTip: If you’re a Toronto resident, you can visit SolarTO and enter your address in the SolarTO Map to understand whether solar panels will work for your home. 

Step 2: Connecting you with qualified contractors 

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to get a qualified and experienced contractor for any solar panel project. We’ll connect with our carefully vetted contractor who has over 10 years of experience; does not subcontract jobs; has a master electrician on staff and is passionate about maximizing your solar panel array.  

They will prepare a quote for you with a suggested solar kW size for your roof, project cost, lifecycle savings, and product and warranty information. 

Click to learn about how we vet contractors.

Step 3: Review costs, audits, rebates and loan programs

We’ll review the rebates and loan options available to you. We’ll also go over the application process, timelines and requirements. And we’ll walk through the simple payback and return on investment implications for your project.

Step 4: Review quote, finalize design

We will assist you in reviewing your quote and asking the installer any questions, like confirming the size and details of your solar panel array or determining whether you will include batteries. Once you’re happy with the contract between you and your installer, all that’s left to do is sign.

Step 5: Engineering, applications, approvals (before installation)

Your solar contractor typically oversees the paperwork, including engineering documents, building permits and electric utility applications and fees. This process takes time. But we will be your liaison throughout this stage, ensuring that you know where you are in the process, what steps require your participation, and that your project stays on track. 

Step 6: Solar panels ordered and installed 

Once applications and permits are approved, the equipment is ordered, and the installation is scheduled. Solar panel installation is weather-dependent and typically takes a few days. 

Step 7: Electrical hook-up and inspection

Once the electrical work is complete, it will be followed by an electrical safety inspection.

Step 8: Bidirectional meter installation

With inspections done, your contractor will swap out your old one-way meter for a new bidirectional meter that measures your electricity use and also how much you’re sending back to the grid. 

Congratulations — you are now a solar producer and banking solar credits!

Step 9: Post-installation

We will help you understand how net metering works and how to read your new bill. 

If you’re interested, we can also connect you to a group of other solar users so you can share information and best practices with each other. 

Clean Energy Retrofits can be complicated — Energy Neighbour is here to make it easier.

From start to finish, you’ll have access to our experts seven days a week to answer your questions, help you manage the details, and keep your project on track.


How much do solar panels cost?

The typical solar project is about $25,000. While not cheap, your solar project will be paid off over time with your energy savings. 

For example, most Toronto homeowners we’ve worked with have a 12 to 15-year payback period. Their panels will last between 25 and 30 years, providing significant life-cycle savings and protection against energy cost increases. 

Can I use a different contractor than the one Energy Neighbour recommends?

Of course! There are no added costs to working with our recommended contractors, and you’re never obligated to use them; it’s a service we offer to save you time researching qualified contractors.

Whichever option you choose, we advise you to find an experienced contractor who will give you high-quality service for a fair price. 

Learn about how we vet contractors.

How long do most projects take?

Solar projects inherently have more steps, so you can estimate that the entire process — from initiation to solar panel activation — will likely take between eight months to over a year. 

Throughout the process, we advocate for you to ensure all inspections, grant and loan applications, and all other processes are moving forward as they should.

Can you help me get financing to pay for the project?

Absolutely! We can help you understand all of the financing options that are available to you. We’ll discuss the details of each option, like their requirements, timelines, and rates. And we’ll review your project’s simple payback and return on investment with each option. 

Is Energy Neighbour a not-for-profit? What is its business model?

Energy Neighbour is a Sustainable Enterprise, meaning our business model balances economic growth with social and environmental well-being. We advocate for our homeowner clients from start to finish.

We’re able to do that through the fee structure with our vetted installers. They pay us a referral fee but are also contractually bound to provide our clients with the best prices.

This fee structure allows us to be less affected than a not-for-profit by the fluctuations of government programs and grants.

How much money will solar panels save me?

This depends on factors such as the size of your roof, how many solar panels you install, how much electricity you use, whether you install energy storage and other considerations. 

For example, most Toronto homeowners we’ve worked with have a 12 to 15-year payback period. Their panels will last between 25 and 30 years, providing significant life-cycle savings and protection against energy cost increases.

Make your clean energy project easier today!